Specialized Health Exams

Specialized Health Exams

We are committed to true solutions in providing health care to our patients who are equally committed to service in our community. Historically, our founders and providers have been exposed to the practice of medicine that has valued speed and accuracy of clinical diagnosis taken without context to the holistic being.  Where we have come from individually in medicine has forged a common bond at Rescue Me Wellness, and a solid unyielding proactive shift to patient care that promotes accuracy of diagnosis and optimal engagement.  We cannot simply identify health issues such as high blood pressure during a wellness exam without turning that moment into an opportunity for successful engagement in treatment options for lifespan enhancement. One of our values is patient relationship to ensure optimal treatment.

Concierge Urgent Care

STAT Referral Services

  • Specialist MD appointment requests
  • Comprehensive lab work orders
  • Radiology testing including Xray, MRI, CT scans, Mammograms, and Ultrasounds
  • Mental health services


Both school and work physicals at Rescue Me Wellness allow you to spend less time at the doctor’s and more time doing the things you want. Our easy and quick physicals are a great option for all ages and are offered for a low cost with all the necessary paperwork completed during your appointment.


CRT Testing (Cost Reduction Technologies)

Matching workers’ physical capabilities to the physical demands of the job, our CRT testing allows companies to place new hires according to their fitness levels to improve safety and prevent injuries in the future. Testing is performed at our Dodge location by one of our medical professionals and results are sent directly to the employer for review.

Rapid Testing, including COVID-19

Fast, safe, and highly accurate, our $20 tests, including the COVID-19 rapid antigen test, administered by trained medical professionals, provide protection for our community. You will be given a Doctor’s note indicating your results. This can be given to your employer, school, used for travel, to attend events, and provide peace of mind for yourself, family, and friends.